Welcome To Everyone !

Posted: February 22, 2011 in Welcome To My Blog !

Hi Folks !

My name is Rob Barrett

I’m 45 years old. An average laid back guy.

A 30 year cook. Some call me a Chef.

Me too….some days      lol

I’ve been divorced twice and experienced the joy of Fatherhood

My son…..Jacob Teegan Mathew Robart from a relationship between the marriages

….a whole other chapter that I might get into at a later date    lol

I own an Entertainment Business specializing in Karaoke….The old school way

As well as Live Accoustic Jams, Catering, Private & Corporate Parties, Weddings Etc.

But at the end of the day…..I’m just a Guy.

Looking forward to getting home to his lady, 2 cats and 40 fish     lol

The simple life….Yet Fullfilling

Cheers To All Of You that say…..F@#@ it….No Stress Here !!!

Live well !!!!

Rob Barrett